Sunday, January 01, 2006

First Clinic Session

My first clinic session was scheduled for Thursday 29th December. I was transported by ambulance from home to the hospital and back. Both my legs were X-Rayed and Emma checked over my pin sites.

I was concerned that I might have started an infection as I had some very specific pains in some pin sites. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I had an infection I would definitely know about it and that what I was experiencing was the common development of muscles and other internal bits sorting themselves out around the pins. Obviously as you exercise and your musculature changes it has to fit around the pins. I can honestly say that this is now a continuous process with odd cramps and spasms in addition. Thank you for the painkillers!

Emma also cleaned the blood from the open wound from the pins where it had flowed. This remains a real nuisance as every time I walk it bleeds, mainly onto my foot, but then when I sit down and elevate the foot it runs over some of the pin sites. This shouldn't necessarily mean increased risk of infection but it is messy.

The X-Rays were interesting as I finally saw how much damage I had done.

The right femur now holds a nail which is almost as long as the shattered bone around it, with a second nail into the hip joint to provide an anchor. There is evidence of new bone growth so perhaps another 2-3 months will see it fixed.

I had always assumed that I had broken my left ankle as well as the bones in my lower leg, but the Consultant (Mike Dennison) confirmed that my ankle and foot were pretty much undamaged and had only been left attached by a small amount of skin before they squared off the 2 bones and butt jointed them up to the ankle for healing. It is by no means certain that the bones will heal so there is still a possiblity that I will lose my foot, but they remain optimistic and have other options, such as bone grafting, to fall back on.

I have always accepted that there was no guarantee that my left leg could be saved so I am reassured that so far nothing has happened to diminish the optimism. I was a little disappointed when I asked how long the frame might have to remain in place. I had always hoped that 6-9 months might be enough but I am now not expecting to see the back of it in 2006 even if things go to plan.

The future?

I have a physiotherapy appointment on Tuesday 3rd January and return to Sheffield on Thursday 19th January to have my back X-Rayed to see if they can wean me off the brace.

Here's hoping.


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