Monday, January 30, 2006

Keep on sucking

Just got back from Sheffield having got the vacuum dressing reinstated.
The new pump was delivered to my home Sunday evening ready for my clinic visit. First rate service I thought.
The dressing nurses couldn't believe how much tape had been applied to get an airtight seal when the dressing was first fitted. They stripped everything off and started again. As I suspected the pain of having my leg hairs ripped out was far worse than anything I have had from the wound so far, although as I type this I am having second thoughts as the pain killers are wearing off.
The wound is healing well, such that they have not bothered to reinstate the vacuum over part of it. Perhaps that's just as well as it took two nurses over 2 hours to replace the dressing and get it airtight. Much less leg covered with sticky tape this time so a much neater job.
District Nurse will replace the dressing on Thursday and it's back to Sheffield next Monday.

For the devotees of gory photos I apologise for not taking my camera today. Apparantly when the white foam was removed (we left it in place on Saturday when the pump died) you can see the bone down the hole. Must try and get a shot next week if possible.


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