Saturday, January 07, 2006

Picture This

The physio regime is pretty mild but does look as if it is starting to improve the mobility and strength of my right leg. Most of the exercises are constrained by the frame on my left leg but that is already in better shape than my right. As far as this leg is concerned my priority is to visualise the movement of my foot based upon muscle stimuli. Time will tell how successful this is.

I managed the stairs twice yesterday so either my stamina or technique is improving - perhaps even both. As I do more exercise I can really feel the need for the painkillers. An earlier attempt to cut down the dosage was a big mistake and I will not try that again for a while.

I have attached a couple of photos to this post. These were taken in hospital and show the frame from both sides. The top picture to some degree shows the wound which is still healing and bleeds when I walk on the leg. The two additional rings at the top will come into play when they start to lengthen my leg to replace the 3-4 cm they had to remove.

I've no idea how much the metalwork weighs, but when I stood on the scales this week I am now 7 lbs lighter than I was when I had the accident despite the extra weight (including my crutches). I think this loss of weight might become very useful when it comes to increasing the exercise load further.


Blogger jamie said...

I was quite shocked to hear of your accident. It's encouraging to see that you're make such progress. Wishing you all the best for the coming months.

Jim Wilde

11:31 am  

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