Sunday, January 22, 2006

Heel Pain

On the eve of my return to Sheffield to have the new wound dressing fitted I have really been struggling with heel pain. The area under my left heel has swollen and it is really painful to stand, let alone, walk on. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of infection so I am assuming it is bruising, perhaps from one of the footbeds I have been using in my temporary built up shoe in an attempt to make walking more comfortable. Another possibility is that when Maria tightened the wire on Thursday it placed additional strain on the other wire through my heel.
Hopefully someone will tell me what is happening when I get to the ward tomorrow. I am taking extra painkillers but walking is still really bad news.
I have had some positive feedback on the suction dressing from a couple of previous wearers. They both report positive results but the idea of fitting it under the Lizzie still concerns me, especially as it appears I have to change the dressing every 2 days.
Still, time will tell, and any respite from bleeding every time I stand up will be really welcome.


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