Friday, February 03, 2006

Reflections on a hectic week

It's now Friday pm. The doctor has just popped round to prescribe some more antibiotics, obviously a 10 day course is not enough to kill the infection in my heel as it started to flare up again as soon as the course finished. Perhaps another 2 weeks will be enough.
The vacuum pump (number 3) is working so far. The local expert, Julia, came round yesterday with a district nurse to try her luck at putting the dressing on. Credit where it's due, in an hour she got the best airtight seal I've had so far.
Mind you, the dressing needs changing every 48 hours so they've arranged for the local rep for the suppliers to come around Saturday at 3:30 and show another one of the district nurses how it is done. Perfect timing, that's the kick-off of the England-Wales match!
Following the dressings clinic (Sheffield) on Monday and physio (local) on Tuesday, it was back to Sheffield on Wednesday to get my nose looked at. No point in doing any more now so review in 6 months and possibly take me in to do some work then.
I'm really not sure how all of this gets fitted in. I was seriously shattered by Weds night and my leg was aching quite badly. It really saps your stamina and that's when even simple tasks become risky.


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