Sunday, October 19, 2008

Standing on my own two feet

Well, it finally came off on Thursday. The XRay didn't show any movement since the dynamisation so the go ahead was given.

It was quite an interesting process - especially when one of the wires wouldn't budge so Maria had to get the mole grips out. They were, quite honestly, the largest pair of mole grips I have ever seen!

Still, bravery lollipop in hand we set off back over the hills to go to a concert that evening. No hanging about before enjoying my first frameless time for a while. We just have to keep our fingers crossed now that the bone is really solid this time. The leg looks a bit of a mess and possibly still not quite straight, but if it stays in one piece that will do for me.

Anyway, a couple of photos as much for my benefit as anyone elses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Martin. Hope every thing works out for you. My wife got hers off last month-back to see the sugeon tomorrow. Gort

11:43 am  

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