Saturday, October 04, 2008

Two weeks and counting

The CT scan last Thursday was very promising indeed, so much so that the frame has been dynamised and I go back on the 16th October, hopefully for the frame removal.
Comparison of the 3 CT scans quite clearly shows how the gap has filled with bone although we can't be sure how strong it is until it gets a real work out. I can't see any obvious problems since the dynamisation; perhaps a bit of soft tissue discomfort, but no significant movement. I gave it a small test last night at a reunion of some old (or should I say former) workmates. A bit sore by the time I got home, but that was perhaps because I was driving so couldn't dull the discomfort by drinking excessively. I'm hoping things continue to be positive and that October will see the start of the end of the journey.
After congratulating Emma in my last post I got to see some photos of the new arrival posted on the treatment room door. I'm sure everyone who attends the clinic wishes Emma and Jessica all the best. I wonder if this means I get an apprentice to work with Maria on the frame removal?


Blogger maria said...

you survived! so will the next anniversary cake be a leg without a frame?

10:06 pm  

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