Monday, February 25, 2008

Long Time No Progress

It's been a long time since there's been anything much to report.
Having put everything back onto the frame we've been waiting for something to happen. X Rays continue to show good bone growth but remain inconclusive.
Last Thursday's visit still showed nothing dramatic so it was agreed that they would squeeze me in for a CT scan. Very interesting process and certainly gives a better picture than the normal X Rays. It appears that the fracture site is still non-union at least on one side. After all this time it's a bit frustrating and we have decided to repeat the oscillation process that we used on the last frame to try and stimulate things.
It is starting to get to the point when we need to consider what next if this doesn't heal. We're still a few months off knowing, but I've been asked to consider my attitude to the two fundamental options. Another operation to remove the odd bit of bone, try and fix the rest onto the ankle and stretch the leg to make up the difference is certainly possible, but there's still no guarantee of success. Amputation is the other option, which would at least be a reasonably known quantity. Too early to need to decide but it doesn't sound like my mobility would be much different in either case.
As Mr Dennison said, "the main difference is whether you have to put your leg back on to go for a pee in the night". Now, you can't make it more succinct than that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Martin. I have been following your progress since your accident. My wife has had a similiar accident in June 2006. She has had an Illizarov on since Dec 2006. she had a bone graft in August 2007 but so far the union hasn't healed. The Xrays were looking well but when she got the CT scan it showed there was still a gap. she is dynamising the frame at the moment to see if the bone can be stimulated. Next CT scan April.

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