Thursday, January 11, 2007


Just got back from the hospital. Maggie produced a wonderful cake decoration - a leg with attached Ilizarov made in marzipan and icing. Very amusing and well received.
I've had one wire which was causing a bit of discomfort removed - not really painful fortunately.
They've also decided that things look ready to consider removing the frame. I've had it dynamised, which means releasing some of the nuts so that the frame is no longer supporting my leg. It does feel quite strange, but not painful so far. The idea is that I now walk on it extensively for the next few weeks. If it all seems OK they'll take the frame off in 4 weeks, if not we just tighten it up and try again.
I have to remain optimistic, but after this length of time I'm not too impatient.


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hi there, How painfull is the process, is it handable???

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