Sunday, July 09, 2006

Driving miss lizzie

Nothing much on the medical front recently.
Since I stopped lengthening my leg has become less painful and I have reduced my painkillers considerably. I can now just about fully weightbear on my left leg, but my balance is wretched so the crutches remain a necessity. More practice required.
I'm getting help with regular walks in the park which is great.
I'm back at work although mostly from home. The office is two floors up and last week the lift broke down with me inside. It's interesting getting out of a lift when it's 2-3 feet above the floor level.
My driving license is back from the DVLA. It's endorsed to permit me to drive an automatic only, but I think it still allows me to drive an automatic JCB or road roller! I've a new car on order but it won't arrive for a few more weeks, so I'll have to be patient.
Hospital on Thursday for X-Rays - here's hoping for some nice clear pictures of new bone.


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