Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hospital Again

A mixed bag of experiences from this weeks hospital stay.
The main job was to break the leg so that I can start lengthening. I was last one in theatre on Monday due to the MRSA so had a nice long wait with no food. Could tell it wasn't my lucky day when I can round in recovery and was told that I was a bleeder. To be more accurate, a small artery had bled and lost about 1 litre of blood, so I now have a nice wound on my calf, about 4 inches long, where they had to track down the leak and fix it up.
I must be honest and say that they broken leg is painful. It's still pretty swollen and is frustrating when I was getting so much more mobile beforehand. Still, it's the start of the last major step that we can see at this point. I start lengthening next Thursday - I have been presented with my pair of 10mm spanners!
At the same time as breaking the leg, the foot ring was also removed which will hopefully see the end of the worst of the MRSA. It feels strange to be without this major chunk of metal. I now need to work hard on my ankle to keep the muscles moving and avoid foot drop.
I've also been warned to work hard to keep my knee active when I am lengthening so that the muscles will stretch along with the bone so I can keep my leg straight.
Sounds like physio is going to become even more critical over the coming period.
The skin graft too is now looking very good - much more like real skin
I'll sort some photos out in the near future.


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