Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Did you bring a toothbrush?

Yet another surprise.
Went to Sheffield for a change of VAC dressing on Monday 'cos the Consultant wanted to see how far we were from being ready for a skin graft. He took one look and made arrangements for me to stay in so that he could do the graft the following morning. That's just 5 weeks of VAC therapy to get the wound ready for grafting.
The graft was taken from me left thigh and has been fixed under a VAC dressing which will remain in place until next Tuesday when hopefully the graft will have taken and we can start thinking about the next stage of the process - breaking my leg and starting the distraction phase.
I took the opportunity to ask Mr Dennison how he would break the leg and was given a very thorough explanation of the options available (basically; hammer and chisel, saw or drill). He prefers to make a small incision and then use a hammer and very sharp chisel to break the bone from the front. I'm glad I now know what I will be missing while I am asleep in theatre.
This Monday news came on the back of a pretty good weekend of progress so things are still pretty positive apart from the MRSA which is clinging on into my second course of antibiotics.

We discovered an interesting new product recently. Ellactiva are sweets designed to supplement calcium intake. Two chews contain 100% of the RDA of Calcium and Vitamin D. They aren't cheap but are a simple way of getting extra calcium. I've discovered that you can only eat so much Yoghurt every day.


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