Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday update

The wound continues to heal nicely as the latest photos show. The current plan now is to allow the "hole" to fill in and then do a skin graft to the whole lot to cover it up quickly. It sounds like this won't be too far away now which is good.

I have a new batch of antibiotics (tetracycline and fucidin) which apparantly my strain of MRSA is sensitive to. A two week course which will hopefully kill off the current infection although the bacteria hang around on the metalwork so this might be a regular treatment.

Confused everyone today by walking from the car to the clinic rather than using a wheelchair. A bit slower but much more satisfying.


Blogger Be Brief said...

mrsa blows! it kept me in the hospital an extra month with a cast from mid thigh to my toes before they could slap the cage on - enjoying the blog

12:19 am  

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