Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dem bones, dem bones

the thigh bone's connected to the knee bone
the knee bone's connected to the shin bone
the shin bone's connected to the ankle bone

Well, not quite, but things are starting to take shape.
X Rays on Thursday showed that my back is now OK to get rid of the brace over the next few days. I'll probably always be prone to backache but that's a small price to pay.
My right femur has now pretty much bridged the break in the bone and seems to be healing OK.
The great news though is that my left leg has started to grow new bone at the point where we need it to join so we are starting to get optimistic. I get the impression that this is well ahead of expectation for such a traumatic injury. The race is on now to get the wound healed and grafted so that my leg can be broken and stretched. It might even be possible to free up my ankle while the leg bones are still healing so I can start some physio and get a bit of movement back into it.
Thursday was a long day, and my broadband has broken so I couldn't even share my excitement that evening, but I slept far better than usual. It's amazing what a bit of good news can do for you.
And finally, obviously some of the team in Sheffield have been looking at this blog. The first (and I believe only) comment that Simon Royston made to me on Thursday was to point out a typo!


Blogger Steve Riley said...

Great news about your back. Sounds daft waiting for you leg to heal so that they can break it again!
These pics really are straight out of a horror movie.

All the best,

1:48 pm  

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