Thursday, March 30, 2006

Break a leg

Today's clinic session was very interesting.
I think I must have spent longer in X-Ray than I did in Theatre. It's very difficult to get a clear picture of the bone healing through all that metalwork. I feared that the problem might be because there was nothing to find, but when we got good pictures there is a significant amount of new bone growing in the right place.
We also had a good look at the skin graft which seems to be looking good too.
We are now all systems go for admission on Sunday so that we can start the lengthening process. On Monday morning I go into theatre for the breaking of my leg at the top of the Tibia. After 10 days to get used to the idea I start turning the screws. I have been told that it will be a bit painful and that I will need to work on the physio so that my calf muscles stretch with the bone, otherwise I will end up with a bent knee.
We also talked about the infection which has been quite painful recently. It seems to be focussed on the heel pin and it is now possible to remove the foot ring which will hopefully settle things down. I could have had this done today, but decided to leave it until theatre on Monday.
Without wanting to start getting too optimistic Mr Dennison seemed to be suggesting that the frame might be off a bit earlier than he had expected. That would be a good result if we can achieve it, but I'm just pleased that things keep moving in the right direction.


Blogger BJ said...

A very interesting read. Saw you this evening grinning (or was it a grimace) out of the front page of this evenings metro news. Whats it like to be famous :)

Hope you continue to progress all the best.

Pictures were great, beat my holiday snaps hands down.

6:31 pm  

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