Friday, March 24, 2006

Moving On

It's strange to think it's over 16 weeks now.
Just when you start getting into a routine it's time to change it. I've managed a couple of trips out courtesy of Maggie and some friends - it's a real pain needing someone else to provide transport. A friends birthday dinner was followed a few days later by a walk in the park. Well, a short hobble is nearer the truth. Single crutch only these days, but probably no more than 100 yards with two long rests on the park bench.
I went to the office on Wednesday and we started planning for my return to work on a scheduled basis rather than doing the ad-hoc stuff that I have been asked to help with over the past few weeks. I definitely feel able to make commitments to a certain level of performance now although I have to acknowledge that the painkillers do slow the brain down a bit, and I do tire a bit too quickly for comfort.
Can't wait to find out whether we can get on with breaking and lengthening my leg - more news after next Thursday. I've not even sneaked a peek at the skin graft so don't really have any idea how it looks, but no obvious sign of distress.
The MRSA seems to be back. I lasted about a week after the antibiotics ran out before it started up again. If we can lose the foot ring I'm sure that will do the job as it's really only evident in the heel area.
Looking back now I remain delighted how things have progressed. There's still a long way to go and many potential pitfalls, but I really am now starting to feel capable of getting back into real life. Still no long term targets cast in stone, but I do have flight tickets booked to travel in October so I suppose I've started to put my own expectations into action.
Now, when can I start gliding again.........


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