Friday, May 12, 2006

Slow down

This last week has been hard work as the lengthening has been quite painful. The painkillers have worn off too quickly and my sleep has been badly disrupted. Once I got to the point where I couldn't straighten my leg the physio started to get more painful too.
Yesterdays clinic session was perfectly timed as I was ready to discuss things. The X-Ray showed that the bone is growing but the gap is not filling quite as well as hoped so we have slowed down the stretching back to 1/2mm per day which might also reduce the pain levels a bit. I certainly slept better last night.
I am about 10mm short of equal length, so that will now take the best part of 3 weeks to complete. Then a long wait while the bone grows back and consolidates. On average that takes twice as long as the stretching time so we'll wait and see.
The original healing at the base of the leg, and also my right femur, are still looking OK which is good.
I've had some nice walks recently in the warmer sunshine. There's a local park where I can do 50 yards and then sit down and rest while looking at the plants and listening to the birds. A real treat after spending so much time indoors. I've also started my french classes again which is a real treat after such a long lay off.


Blogger Steve Bennett said...

Aaaah!! Wotchya, Martin. Just stumbled across your blog by accident... I was Googling for "photos leg-irons" prompted by Dan Cruickshank's mentioning of post-war rickets, and memories of Ruth Atkin from Junior School.... anyway.... I've read as much of this as I can stomach and hid behind the settee for the pictures.

My advice is to get what's left of your feet up and send Maggie out to work.

All the best,
Steve Bennett M.D.(University of Calcutta)

10:06 pm  

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