Friday, April 14, 2006

Best Foot Forward

Started lengthening yesterday (Thursday). Using two 10mm spanners I adjust each of the 4 nuts by 1/4 turn 4 times a day. That makes 1mm per day in total. I'm two days in with no adverse effects but am told it starts to hurt after 3-4 days, and that I really need to work on my physio to ensure that the muscles and tendons stretch at the same rate as the bone.
Managed a really good walk today. Dunham Massey park, from the car park to the Tea Rooms and back, with only one stop each way en route. Must be over 400m in total - no prizes for speed though. I'm now absolutely worn out and aching. Must be good for me!
A few words about clothing.
Maggie has made me a pair of semi-retro flared trousers by buying two pairs and letting a flare in to the left leg made from one of the "spare" legs to cover the frame. Now having no foot ring you can't see the frame at all when I have the trousers on - fewer stares.
I can now also get some form of decent footware on. We adapted a pair of Teva boat sandels(veterans of the Colorado Raft Trip through the Grand Canyon) by cutting out sole shaped sections from an offcut of vinyl flooring. These were glued together and then two large velcro pads were used to fasten them to the sole of the left sandel. Seemed to work OK and will be easy to remove when my leg gets longer and I no longer need the elevation.
12 more days of stretching before I go back for a clinic session, by which time I should be over over 1/2 inch taller.


Blogger chromeduol said...

Dear Martin, Having spoken with someone you know, Dave Strachan, I have strong admiration for your positive attitude. I have undergone a number of surgeries recently, and it can be difficult maintaining the mental strength through the regular setbacks we seem to encounter. I hope you continue your progress and the length of your walks!! Best Regards
Phil Welsh

3:35 pm  

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