Friday, April 28, 2006

Longer still

I'm starting to realise that I was pretty lucky with my initial experiences of the Ilizarov. I had been told that the lengthening process was painful and it's difficult to deny that it is much more so than before I started lengthening. I certainly can't take anywhere near my whole body weight on the left leg and I'm back with two crutches which I can't do without. This is quite a change from just before the leg break when I was going pretty well.
On a positive note the latest X-Rays at the hospital yesterday showed that the bone is growing in the break just as it should. At the time I had "turned" for 14mm but this probably only represented 10mm of real growth (you always lose a few mm as the wires bow). I've about 25mm left to go so only another 3-4 weeks and then I can start to let things settle down as the bone grows back and consolidates. The physio is geared to making sure that I keep good movement in my knee and ankle and is painful but well worth it.
The Consultant was also pleased with the healing on the wound and has now given my the OK to have a shower and allow it to get a little wet - a nice bonus.
So, we'll keep up the exercise and the stretching, go back for another X-ray and check-up in 2 weeks and keep smiling.


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