Monday, May 22, 2006

To sleep, perchance .............

I think I may have finally cracked the sleeping enigma.
I was getting really fed up, especially recently with the stretching activity, waking up loads of times at night and taking hours to get to sleep in the first place.
Last week I decided to take action and tried 3 initiatives. I've no idea which had the best effect and I've no plans to experiment just in case, but this works for me:
1. Get rid of some pillows. Since my back injury I have been sleeping in a more upright position with a pillow under my upper back. This made lying on my side almost impossible. It is difficult anyway with the frame on my leg, but by going back to two pillows and being careful and I now lie on my left side reasonably comfortably.
2. Painkillers. I discovered that one of my painkillers can cause insomnia so I've halved the dose and supplemented it with another drug. Sadly, this second drug can cause constipation, but a small price to pay for better sleep
3. Melatonin. Some other lizzie wearers suggested using Melatonin so I thought I'd try it. I had to order it via the internet and it was shipped from the USA despite the UK web address, but it arrived and seems to help.
Like I say, can't say these will work for everyone, but they have for me. So far.


Blogger patrick said...

Hi Martin

Hope the 'initiatives' are having a positive effect. Have you tried a lavender spray on your pillow? Worked for me! Patrick

12:32 pm  

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