Sunday, November 12, 2006

Best Foot Forward

I was hoping to have some photos of me from a recent trip to France, but my accomplice on that trip has a computer malfunction so these will have to wait. I was hoping I could convince people that I am in this photo, but since I took it I guess I'll struggle. It's taken from the Aguille du Midi on Mont Blanc.
Things have settled down following the oscillation process and I'm now getting around the house without crutches, including up and down stairs - but don't take the stair rail away! By the end of a week in the Alps I was walking 2-3 kilometers a day, with crutches and rest stops, but that is building up some sort of stamina in my weary legs.
Had a brief bout of excitement just before going away. I was about 5 minutes into a business presentation when one of the wires in my leg broke with a very loud noise. It didn't hurt at the time and I got by with no problems. Fortunately Maria at the NGH managed to reattach the wire using a slotted bolt which nips the wire tight as the nuts are tightened. A bit uncomfortable for a short while but much better than having it removed and replaced I've no doubt.
Things are really busy at work now with loads to do before we wind down for the Festive Season - chance would be a fine thing. I've got the anniversary of the accident and the fitting of the Lizzie to come before then though. Perhaps I should bake a cake?


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