Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back from hols

Just got back from a couple of weeks hols in France. Lots of walking around the markets and brochantes (flea markets). My new car arrived the day before we travelled so just a bit of a close thing, but it worked fine for the nearly 2300 miles.
Hospital this afternoon. X-Ray looking OK especially the distraction site which is filling in nicely. The bone continues to grow at the original break site, but it's not joining properly yet so I have to start an oscillation regime involving lengthening and shortening at this site. The plan is 1/4mm per day for two weeks in each direction. This, along with loads of walking, is supposed to trigger some action.
The latest prognosis is frame off sometime next year - that leaves a little bit of wriggle room.


Blogger graham said...

My name is Graham Foster, I crashed a glider near Minden Nevada on 29 April 2006 suffering multiple compound fractures to both legs. I have Ilizarov frames on both legs and would be interested in comparing notes by email or phone

2:41 pm  

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