Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Last Post?

Hospital today.
In the nicest possible way I've been told that they never want to see me again!
X-Rays look great. Ankle still very very stiff, but getting a bit better all the time.
Just back from a week in the French Alps, including a 2 hour walk on alpine paths - I think I even surprised myself a bit.
All my thanks go to the whole team at the NGH. Also, thanks to Maggie who has had to put up with my ups and downs. Much harder for your friends and family than it is for the patient.


Blogger patrick said...

Hey Martin,

Good to read that the outcome has been good for you.

I'm doing similarly well - still a bit short on the 'bad' leg, and restricted knee movement, but bloomin' marvellous considering it was nearly amputated!

All the best,

12:05 pm  

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