Sunday, December 03, 2006

Latest update

Finally laid hands on the photos from the holiday and these two are representative of the extremes - craziest places to wear a lizzie and the effect of taking a long walk.
I've had a really painful infection in my leg recently. I'm on antibiotics which is helping, but it's still pretty painful. The most recent X-Rays (last Thursday) show pretty good bone at the distraction site but it's so difficult to be sure about the original break site. The latest plan is to wait until the distraction site is ready and then dynamise the frame - that means undoing the nuts but leaving the frame in place. I then get to walk around and see how things feel. If it's all OK the frame can come off, if not we tighten things up again and try Plan B.
I'm next back in January so won't know more until then, but I'll keep up the exercise and just hope this infection goes away.