Saturday, September 06, 2008

Too busy to post

I just realised that it was April when I last updated things. To be honest, the Lizzie now has little impact on my daily life. I work hard, relax in much the same way as before and generally get on with life. True, I can't walk as far or fast as I used to, and once a week we have to suspend activities while we get the dressings changed and the pin sites cleaned.
Where are we now then.
Since I last posted in April I've been "oscillating" the frame to stimulate the bone growth. A second CT scan in June looked quite positive with definite evidence of new bone bridging the gap. My last visit in August confirms that things still look OK on the XRay, but the key date now is 2nd October, when I have my next CT scan. I am told that I should expect the frame to be dynamised on that day unless the CT scan shows anything untoward. That would then suggest frame removal later that month.
As we have agreed that this is the last chance the results of that activity will determine whether I keep my leg. I'm feeling very positive, but also realistic. There is new bone, but is it strong enough to support an overweight fifty-something layabout? Only time will tell!
One final word, congratulations to Emma, limb reconstruction nurse and proud new mother.