Saturday, June 17, 2006


Help! I think I'm getting fixated.
I really must apologise but we went out to the Rocky Horror Show last night and I couldn't resist dressing up. At least some of the people didn't spot the Ilizarov with the other distracting aspects of my costume.
Nothing much to report recently. Another pinsite infection which hopefully the Erithromycin has accounted for. A bit more exercise and time at work so not too much trouble sleeping.
I'm just waiting to get my driving license back from the DVLA - they've switched entirely to photo licenses now so I had to find a photo booth before I could send back the form.
All I need now is an automatic car.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dun Stretchin

We settled at just under 39mm of lengthening which has left my left leg roughly the same length as my right. They always were slightly different lengths but I can't recall which was longer, so the new situation will have to do. The bone was still not filling in quite as hoped which was another good reason to stop now.
I have a few painful pin sites. Some are due to the cheese-wiring from stretching and we also found a couple of wires which had worked a little loose. I may have been on my feet a bit too much as my foot was really swollen last night and the wound has been weeping a bit, much feeling better today after a nights sleep. The physio session on Wednesday probably didn't help either.
Next appointment in Sheffield is 6 weeks away so back to a "standard" routine now while the bone continues to heal and consolidate