Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm a union man

Just back from the hospital. After 7 weeks of "oscillation" to stimulate the original fracture site the X-Rays showed a huge change. There is definitely new bone and the clean lines of the original cut tibia are now well blurred indicating that the bones are starting to grow together. We have a union at the fracture site.
With a following wind it's now just a matter of time for the bones to really firm up. Sometime in the new year, but hopefully not too far, and we'll be thinking of lizzie removal.
Apart from this being good news, it's also nice to think that I can settle to more walking and general exercise without the discomfort that came with daily adjustments to the frame. This really has slowed me down over the last few weeks, but I've a weeks holiday coming up later this month so hopefully I can start to get back to some real exercise

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I feel that I am now on the period where patience is the key to getting by. I'm working on the neccesary activities to get the original fracture site to heal, but otherwise it's just a matter of getting back to as normal a routine as possible. The next set of X-rays in a couple of weeks time will give me a clue as to how things are going.
I'm able to do short walks with no crutches and longer ones with just one, but these are still too short to be of practical use other than around the house. Any walking does take it out of me and makes things ache a bit.
At least I'm able to get to work, including visits to customers, and also to my french classes. Last Friday I met up with many of my former work colleagues for a few beers which was a real treat. Social interraction is key to coping with the situation and although I am happy to be pretty solitary I really do enjoy chances to meet up with friends.