Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back from hols

Just got back from a couple of weeks hols in France. Lots of walking around the markets and brochantes (flea markets). My new car arrived the day before we travelled so just a bit of a close thing, but it worked fine for the nearly 2300 miles.
Hospital this afternoon. X-Ray looking OK especially the distraction site which is filling in nicely. The bone continues to grow at the original break site, but it's not joining properly yet so I have to start an oscillation regime involving lengthening and shortening at this site. The plan is 1/4mm per day for two weeks in each direction. This, along with loads of walking, is supposed to trigger some action.
The latest prognosis is frame off sometime next year - that leaves a little bit of wriggle room.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Down to the wire

Things have gone fairly well since my last post.
I'm now driving again quite happily, indeed my new car is arriving today.
Physio was happy with me yesterday, had me balancing on one of those boards with a ball underneath. I say balancing, but it was more of a controlled wobble most of the time. I can get by a bit without crutches indoors and this can only improve my balance and stamina.
Had an unscheduled trip to Sheffield last week with a sore pin site. Found that the wire was so loose that I could move it abour 1/4 inch. It took a lot of tightening but all OK now apart from the remains of the inflammation and the enlarged hole from where it was working loose.
Hoping to get a bit of R & R over the next couple of weeks amidst the continuing exercise.