Monday, April 27, 2009

First Flight

As some sort of milestone I had my first flight since the accident on Sunday. Nothing at all eventful but great to be back in the air again. I'll need to do a fair bit of two seat flying and catch up on 3 1/2 years lack of practice but that first step has now been taken and I look forward to getting some solo flying in later this summer.
In the intervening period we have had a couple of weeks in France. Pretty good weather for the time of year and a chance to build a little more fitness during some interesting walks. I suspect the good food and wine won't have helped the fitness levels but certainly didn't do me any harm.
Due back at the hospital early June, but nothing particularly exciting to tell them. Mobility continues to improve slowly and I do recover much faster now following a bit of a walk. Only time will tell how far I can take my recovery.
We do have a ski holiday booked for next season so that will be an interesting experiment